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Health is commonly thought of as the absence of disease, and indeed it is difficult to discuss one without the other. Equally problematic is the consideration of the health of the body apart from the state of the mind or the spirit, because historically the topics were closely connected, especially before the seventeenth century. Even with these difficulties in mind, it is still possible to focus on certain notions about the health of the human body as a natural state and about how this natural state could be restored or maintained.

Studies have shown that economic conditions dramatically effect health and longevity. A consistently strong relationship has been demonstrated between income levels and health status in every country where the relationship has been examined. Many interactions between social, economic, and cultural factors also help to determine or influence community health. provides a wide range of categories relating to health directories, general health, first aid, travel health, health magazines, sexual health, wound care, mental health, personal growth, professional resources, stress management, psychiatry, occupational health, health insurance, long term care, weight loss, medication, environmental health, senior health, fitness, dentistry, pharmacy, health services, dermatology, home health, addiction, recovery, medicine, public health, rural health, teen health, women's health and much more.

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