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Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Human growth hormone is a protein hormone that the pituitary gland produces in the human body. It stimulates growth as well as cell reproduction and in supplement form is used to treat children with a hormone deficiency. Children receiving human growth hormone supplements typically respond by growing faster, increasing their strength, and reducing body fat, often without significant side effects. In the past, human growth hormone was extracted from human pituitary glands. Today human growth hormone supplements are also developed synthetically, but not without controversy.

While natural human growth hormone supplements have widely accepted applications in helping people, especially children, who have a growth hormone deficiency, synthetic human growth hormone supplements have also spawned a controversial market. The market for human growth hormone supplements is targeted primarily toward those who wish to turn back the clock. People who seek to delay the effects of aging are drawn toward human growth hormone supplements because of their reported effects, such as increased muscle mass and healthier skin. However, when used to combat aging in an unsupervised fashion, human growth hormone supplements have been linked to excess fluid retention, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Another use for human growth hormone supplements is in body building. It is no surprise that any product that can decrease body fat and increase muscle mass would be attractive to body builders. But body builders beware, human growth hormone supplements have also been known to cause an undesirable swelling of breast tissue in men. When used properly, and with medical supervision, human growth hormone supplements can be an invaluable asset to adults whose bodies lack the natural hormones to maintain healthy skin, body mass, and bone density.

Sytropin HGH is a non-prexcription human growth hormone product, one of the very few supplements that can give you all of the anti-aging benefits of prescription human growth hormone, without painful injections. Most pills and liquids are broken down by the stomach and liver, rendering them less effective. The key is Sytropin’s oral delivery system, which allows for greater absorption of the active ingredients through the lining of the mouth. With Sytropin, you get the anti-aging benefits of HGH in their full potency immediately into your body through a convenient oral spray!

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Do It Yourself Home Fitness Program

Friday, July 16th, 2010

Getting into a fitness program doesn’t mean spending a lot. You won’t even need complicated gym equipment, diet pills or even diet plans. What this do-it-yourself home fitness program requires is some time, motivation and a significant amount of persistence on your part.

The first step to make this fitness program work for you is to settle on a schedule. In order to get good results on a home fitness program, you will need to workout but it shouldn’t use up a lot of your time. This program only requires you to workout some twenty to thirty minutes a day from two to three days a week.

Throw Out Your Club Membership and Equipment

The common notion of getting into a fitness program includes expensive memberships to fitness clubs and purchasing high-priced equipment. Starting a fitness program on your own will cost you nothing. Although using weights and other exercise equipment develops your resistance, not many know that you can develop resistance by doing push ups. If you want to focus on your upper chest, place your feet on a chair and proceed to do push ups. It’s the other way around if you want to focus on your lower chest. In changing your positions and doing various routines you can exercise even at your home.

Improvise with Exercise Equipment

A great feature of a home fitness program is that you can improvise with your exercise equipment when you exercise. To exercise your arms, try lifting cans of soup or jugs of water. All you need is to use some weights so that your muscles can get the resistance it needs to develop strength. In time you will be able to see some great results.

Getting into a home fitness program gives you the benefit of time, money, health and the ease of exercising at home. Soon everyone will try to get in to the program too especially if they see how much you’ve improved. It may seem to them that you’ve joined a gym membership or went through a program but all they need to know is how you started a home fitness program.

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