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A Guide to Ophthalmic Equipment

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Ophthalmic equipment and other eye-care tools are some of the most finely hones in all of medicine. Think about how exact they would need to be in order to make the minuscule corrections that you need to measure and correct your eyesight.So, even if you are not looking to pursue a career in eye care, you may want to learn more about the equipment that will be used on your eyes and their purpose.

• The eye chart – Probably the most recognized diagnostic tool in the eye care technician’s arsenal. It is used to test your visual acuity. Basically, this is a test of how clear your vision is and to test the sharpness of your retinal focus. It also helps to test the brains ability to interpret the data correctly

• The Phoropter – This is the giant machine that hangs from an articulated arm and probably reminds you of a medieval torture device. It has a face plate with two apertures for you to look through and the technician will ask, “Better or worse?” Inside those apertures are different lenses that are used to measure your refraction error and help to narrow down the proper prescription for your eyes.

• The cover test – This is mostly given to children but can also be used on adults. One eye is covered for a short length of time. Then when it is uncovered both eyes are watched for movement. If there is a “Lazy eye” it will start to wander inwardly or outwardly as it tries to compensate for its visual disparity. This can uncover defects such as Tropia, the constant misalignment of the eyes and Phoria that is only evident when both eyes stop focusing on the same target.

• Glaucoma test – This is the one that everyone, including me, dreads the most. You put your chin into a machine that holds it in place. You are usually looking at a barn in a pasture when they blow a puff of air into your eyes. It is testing the fluid pressure in your eye to make sure that it is draining properly and not building pressure that would impinge on your optic nerve.

Those are the most common tests that you will have to sit through on your yearly visit to the eye doctor. No one is claiming the process is pleasant but it certainly beats the alternative. Plus, on the bright side, many eye care technicians have a variety of sucker flavors for you to enjoy after the tests.

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Things to Look For When Buying Expat Health Insurance

Monday, October 15th, 2012

There are plenty of ways to justify not having it including the favourite -its dead money and frankly I am healthy so why bother, closely followed by if I am sick I can pay the bills out of the premiums I have saved.Literally hundreds of excuses but inevitably you do need health insurance since it is not necessarily the illness that costs the money, it can be the transportation and the after care that sends the costs spiraling in event of claims. We do not get a tangible asset for our premium but we do get peace of mind for the entire family. If the policy is a group health scheme it will encourage workers to remain loyal, especially if a colleague requires medical assistance and the scheme saves that employee and his family the financial stress, again whilst it cannot be measured in monetary terms the feel good factor of having good expat health insurance as opposed to not is clear to see.

Skeptical, how about skiing, breaking a leg on the slopes and requiring airlift to hospital and surgery thereafter-typical bill 20,000 usd, how about suffering a heart attack in a neighbouring country where hospitals are not quite up to scratch, this requires private plane to nearest country with good medical faculties- typical bill upwards of 45,000 usd-Both these are real cases and would seriously dent the case flow of most people.

What happens if you are diagnosed with a chronic illness that requires operations and expensive ongoing treatment and medication? The career may be affected so income ceases yet the medicals bills will continue-A good health scheme would protect your cash flow and help you on the road to recovery.

So you eventually see the light and instead of being one of the 50% of expats without adequate insurance you are now preparing to enter in the market place looking for the perfect plan for you and the family.

Maybe your budget requires a payment scheme on a frequent basis, if so find cover with flexible payment terms: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual, look for discounts if you decide to pay in advance.

Again try to cover only the areas important to you, at worst it should cover a no sub limits cover for essential medical cover, surgery and hospital accommodation all covered along with any nursing and treatments etc

Perhaps you are looking to add out patient- again shop around, many schemes will then cover all manor or other elements that you may not need but will reflect on your premium

Find a provider that has options available to enable client to tailor a plan to individual requirements, selecting any or all of the following as required: extended medical, dental, optical, out-patient

Key to all this is finding an easy to understand scheme with attractive rates that provides value for money and has ticked all the boxes below:

– At least USD 0.5 million of worldwide cover

– Tailored for the needs of Expatriates and their families with English speaking co coordinators

– Essential cover when you need it most worldwide

– No hospital restrictions, this enables you to visit expat friendly hospitals who you can communicate with easily

– Affordable flexible premium options

– No age limitation providing you join before the age of 64, this covers you in later years automatically!

– No medical examination required

– Portable, so that you can take it with you if you relocate

– Smart membership card for prompt claims approval and settlement

– Competitive pricing and benefits

Remember, no person can predict their next 12 months health care issues, do yourself and the family a favour and get yourself insured today.

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